Our officers are what make our club function so well, and we are here to help you out wherever and whenever you need it. Please check each officer's listed duties to ensure you are asking your question to the person it pertains most to.



Ms Maureen Condiotte 

Ms Condiotte is in her fourth consecutive year sponsoring Pine View's Model UN team. She currently teaches 8th grade United States History, Psychology I & II, and Holocaust. 

for general inquiries:

941-486-2001 (Pine View's phone number) //




Alex Anacki // President

My name is Alex Anacki and I am a senior and 2017-18 President of Model UN. Prior to this year, I served as our 2016-17 Vice President. I would like to pursue International Development in college, and hope to one day save the world (how exactly remains TBD). My hobbies include pondering the Sustainable Development Goals, spending excessive time in H&M looking for long sleeve button downs, thinking about Huma Abedin, and working at an assisted living facility where I am asked on a daily basis by many people how tall I am. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me regarding anything MUN-related and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

for general inquiries:

(941) 726-3647 // // snap: roguemuppet


Allie Odishelidze // Vice President

Hello! My name is Allie Odishelidze and I am a senior. I will be serving as MUN Vice President for the 2017-18 school year. I have attended more conferences than I can count on two hands and won enough awards to fill one hand. Following graduation I would like to study International Relations and subsequently work abroad. In my time not dedicated to MUN I can be found sleeping or sitting at Starbucks. In addition to being VP of MUN I serve as the Humor Editor for Torch. If you have any questions MUN-related (or not MUN-related) don't hesitate to contact me!

for general inquiries:

(941) 894-7555 // // snap: radicalallie



Riley Board // Logistics Coordinator

Hello! I'm Riley, your 2017-2018 Logistics Coordinator. I'm a senior, I've been in MUN since my freshman year, and I've attended nine conferences in my MUN career. In my time not spent writing newsletters and sorting out logistical issues, I work on the staff of The Torch as the Assistant Editor-in-Chief and perform in the Sailor Circus. My non-MUN-related passions include screaming Jeopardy! answers at the TV, watching The X-Files in lieu of studying and being incredibly dorky about Ancient Egyptian mythology. If you have any questions about logistics, communication, or anything about MUN in general, don't hesitate to contact me!

for conference drops and parent inquiries (payment, chaperoning, etc):

(941) 284-7431 // // snap: rileygreyb



Mariska Ursel // Treasurer

Hi everyone! I'm Mariska. I am a junior and happy to be serving as your 2017-18 PVMUN Treasurer! Aside from Model UN, I am the Vice President of Interact Club and President of Republican Club. If you ever have questions regarding finances or Model UN in general, please don't hesitate to ask! 

for financial inquiries (payment, fundraising, etc):

(941) 539-3712 //


Shelly Barber // Secretary

Hello I’m Shelly Barber and I am the secretary for Pine View Model United Nations. I am currently a junior, and I have been participating in MUN since my freshman year. I have attended 8 conferences and received several awards. Most notably, I’ve won best delegate four times and I have had the opportunity to speak at the United Nations in New York. When I’m not threatening members of our club to turn in forms, I enjoy listening to music and scrolling through memes. If you have any questions regarding MUN or forms please feel free to contact me.

for paperwork inquiries:

(941) 525-7632 //



Kris Selberg // Conference Coordinator

Hey boyz, I'm Kris Selberg and I am this year's conference coordinator. I am a sophomore and I play varsity soccer at Sarasota High School. I have been to four conferences and I have loved every one. If you ever have any questions about your committee, room, or van assignments, or just want to tell me how cute I look, feel free to contact me.

for inquiries regarding committee, room, or van assignments:

(941) 960-5392 // // snap: kris_selberg



Park Dietz // Crisis Coordinator

Hello, if you're reading this you must've been attracted by my profile photo. I am the crisis coordinator for MUN. I am also a varsity rower for Sarasota Crew. I enjoy long walks on the beach and talking with friends. 

for inquiries regarding crisis training:

(941) 806-9715 // // snap: parkyparky13


Alex Douglas // Assistant Treasurer

Aye I'm Alex Douglas and I am the assistant treasurer this year. I am a Sophomore at Pine View School. I occasionally play pickup games of basketball. For anything regarding treasuring, feel free to contact me.

for financial inquiries (payment, fundraising, etc):

(941) 539-4300 // // snap: a.dougie1


Stefani Wald // Assistant Secretary

Hi! I'm Stefani Wald and I'm this year's assistant secretary. I'm a sophomore and this will be my second year as a member of PVMUN. I've been to 5 conferences and with each one love MUN even more. I like to spend my time with my chihuahuas, enjoying a rice cake, or possibly rewatching Grey's Anatomy for the 9th time. If you have any questions about forms, feel free to contact me!  

for paperwork inquiries:

(941) 387-4202 // // snap: steffi0018



Zach Bright & Brett Martinez // Historians

Hey y'all, I'm Zach Bright. When it comes to photos I got your back. I'm a senior and your current co-historian alongside the one and only 🅱️rett Martinez. Outside of PVMUN I dedicate an unreasonable amount of time as the editor of Pine View School's premier online publication, I also dabble in language learning, currently fluent in both English and Chinese, while also working on Japanese and in a futile struggle with Dutch dating back to my freshman year. If you ever have questions about photos or need a pic taken, I'm the Bright guy for the job.

Hey my name is Brett Martinez and I'm gonna be your historian for the 2017-2018 school year I enjoy long walks on the beach and some good spaghetti I'm excited to work with y'all

for photo or video inquiries:

(941) 350-2917 // // snap: tudouni

(941) 320-1515 // // snap: brettmartine1