Our officers are what make our club function so well, and we are here to help you out wherever and whenever you need it. Please check each officer's listed duties to ensure you are asking your question to the person it pertains most to.



Please be aware of unofficial correspondences from PV Model UN. The only valid communication with club members will be from the contact information listed below.

Recently, a false email was received by a club member asking that money be sent to an account/vendor. This is not how our club manages money. If anyone is contacted, do not respond to the email or send money. However, please do forward the communication to


Ms Maureen Condiotte 

Ms Condiotte is in her fifth consecutive year sponsoring Pine View's Model UN team. She currently teaches 8th grade United States History, Psychology I & II, and International Relations. 

for general inquiries:

941-486-2001 (PV's phone #) //




Shelly Barber // President

Hello! I’m Shelly Barber and I am the current Model UN President. I am a senior and I have been participating in MUN since the start of my high school career. I have been to several conferences, and I have won best delegate five times. Additionally, I have also had the opportunity to speak at the United Nations in New York. In college I plan to pursue political science, and later a degree in the field of international law. When I am not working on things related to MUN, I can be found thrift shopping, watching obscure documentaries, or drinking ungodly amounts of coffee. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me regarding anything related to MUN, I will get back to you as soon as possible!

for general inquiries:

(941)-525-7632 // 



Kris Selberg // Vice President

Hey guys! I'm Kris Selberg and I am this year's Vice President of PVMUN. I am a junior and I play varsity soccer at Riverview High School. I have been to eight conferences and I have loved each and every one. Some of my other extracurriculars include being President of Young Entrepreneurs Club, Vice President of the Middle School Boys Peer Mentoring Club, and being swamped in homework every other night. Whenever I am not stressing about MUN or other academic-related issues, you will probably find me at the gym, making websites or hanging with THE Dominic Marhoefer.

If you ever have any logistical questions about chaperones, communication or just MUN in general, feel free to contact me!

(941) 960-5392 // // snap: kris_selberg



Alex Douglas // Treasurer

Hey I’m Alex Douglas and I will by your treasurer for the 2018-2019 school year. I volunteer as a tutor with TEACh and occasionally play pickup games of basketball. If you have any questions regarding financial issues or anything else MUN related feel free to ask.

for financial inquiries (payment, fundraising, etc):

(941) 539-4300 //



Stefani Wald // Secretary

Hello! I’m Stefani Wald and I am your 2018-19 secretary. I’m a junior and this will be my third year doing MUN. I have attended nine conferences, and with each one I’ve found something new to love about MUN. It’s rare, but if I’m not doing/thinking about/discussing MUN, you can probably find me taking pictures of my chihuahua bean, working on my other passion, PV History Bowl, or docenting people about Andy Warhol or orchids at Selby Gardens. If you have any questions related to forms, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

for paperwork inquiries:

(941) 387-4202 //



Luis Flores // Conference Coordinator

Hola! Me llamo Luis Flores and I am excited to be the Conference Coordinator for the 2018-2019 MUN Season! I joined MUN as a freshman and now I am a junior with the same mindset from when I joined. I have attended almost every conference now, with multiple awards including Best Delegate at BosMUN and GatorMUN XV. My all-time favorite committee was the Disneyland O’ahu Crisis at GatorMUN XV, where I succeeded in being killed for illegal substance use and falsely incarcerated for blowing up the castle which I designed. When I’m not working on MUN, I can be caught heart-reacting Crusoe the Dachshund posts on Facebook, making AP Art History memes with Riley Board, talking in Spanish to my bilingual pet dachshund, jamming to Lorde songs, and re-watching MasterChef Latino Season 1 for the 5th time. For any inquires about room, van, bus assignments, how to properly dance at delegate socials or how to use the word “bean”, feel free to contact me.

for room, transportation, and hotel inquires:

(941) 928-4092‬  // //snap: luisflorespv




Julia Kourelakos // Assistant Conference Coordinator

I’m Julia Kourelakos, a sophomore at PVS and your assistant conference coordinator for 2018-19. I’ve loved each of the four Model UN conferences I have attended, and feel that working to become a better delegate has helped me grow immensely as a person. In my spare time, you can find me baking, playing ukulele, thinking about math, and/or bingeing weird anime. Feel free to contact me with any rooming, van assignment, or other conference-related inquiries!

(941) 914-3105 // 


Lea Mattia // Assistant Treasurer

Hi there, I’m Lea! I’m a sophomore and I’m very glad to be your 2018-2019 assistant treasurer for Pine View Model United Nations. This is my second year in Model UN and I have attended 4 conferences. In addition to this incredibly all consuming club, I am a member of Key club and my hobbies include hanging out with my yellow lab, baking and listening to Troye Sivan and that’s pretty much all I do. If you have any questions regarding MUNey or otherwise, don’t hesitant to text me!

for financial inquiries (payment, fundraising, etc):

(973) 768-5399 // 


Joey Chen// Assistant Secretary

Hi I’m Joey Chen and I am the assistant secretary for PV Model United Nations! I’m a Sophomore and this year will be my second one in this club! I’ve attended 3(4) conferences since I’ve joined and received an honorable mention award at one. Besides my strong dedication to PVMUN, I am also the treasurer of PV Key Club, the director of the Variety Show and a part of PV Drama Club. I enjoy acting, singing, playing the ukulele, binge watching several TV shows and staying up way past my “bed time.”

If you ever have any questions related to forms or submissions/wanna talk, don’t hesitate to contact me!

(941) 202-9282 // // snap:



Nina Volpe  //  Historian

Heyy my name is Nina Volpe, I am a junior this year and your Historian! I love photography, though not nearly as much as MUN! Whenever you see me around campus I can guarantee I will have a camera on me. I am the on The View Yearbook staff, giving me yet another platforming for snapping pictures and designing! I love participating in MUN, and I have been doing it since sophomore year. When I am not MUNning, you can catch me running, yes for fun, on Varsity cross country and track, or competitively swimming away from my problems. I know that as an amazing MUN member you want to show all your friends just how much fun you’re having, so when you need that perfect picture I’m your girl!

(941) 321-8869 // // sc: ninav73


Anne Shiparski  // Assistant Historian

IMG_7560 (1).JPG

Hey! I'm Anne, I'm currently a sophomore, and I'm one of this year's assistant historians. This is my second year in MUN and I've attended 4 in-state conferences. In addition, I had the honor to join the MUN team in Boston to compete at BOSMUN. Outside of Model UN I enjoy photography and editing, attempting to learn sign language, watching Netflix (I'll probably be re-binge watching Stranger Things not going to lie), and pretty much anything that includes me being in or near the ocean. After graduation I plan on going to Hawaii to study coral restoration. I'm very excited and dedicated to being one of PVMUN's historians and if you have any questions about anything regarding photos taken or how to access to them feel free to reach out to me or any of my other historian pals.

for photo or video inquiries:

941-882-2883 // // snap: annies1252


Sanchi Pandey//Assistant Historian


Hey! I'm Sanchi Pandey, your 2018-19 assistant historian. I'm currently a sophomore and this will be my second year in MUN. I've been to 5 conferences and loved each and every one! Outside of MUN, you can find me crying over adorable animals, rewatching Phineas and Ferb, walking around Sprouts, or laughing at things most 5 year olds would find amusing. Feel free to ask my any questions you have about photos or MUN in general, i'd love to answer them!!

for photo or video inquiries:

(309) 713-5645 // // snap: sanchi.03