February 27th elections introduced

March 1st submission of intent form DUE on this web page

March 13th resume, platform, and bio DUE via google docs, shared with Shelly. The email address which all application materials should be shared to is: shellybarber112@yahoo.com

Please condense all of your documents into a single document if possible and have your full name be the title of the google doc.

- Good resume examples:
Historian, Asst. Treasurer
- Platform example: Secretary
- Bio example: 2017-18 Officers

March 15th written application (President and VP) DUE on Google Drive
- Written application available will be sent to candidates for the aforementioned positions following February 27th. All responses to written applications will be publicly available here following March 13th. 

March 27th elections

April 27th beginning of officer term for 2018-19 officers (tentative)


  1. The practice of “politicking” is banned throughout the election process, which can be defined as:

    1. Telling other individuals not to run, as to facilitate your campaign,

    2. Incentivizing individuals to vote for a candidate through the use of monetary contributions, or the distribution of products, etc.,

    3. Talking negatively about other competitors,

    4. Activities similar in nature to those listed above, to be defined at the discretion of Shelly and Ms. Condiotte;

  2. Candidates must submit required election materials by the specified deadline date, or the candidate will be removed from the election process, with no exceptions;

  3. Submission of intent does not guarantee eligibility for candidacy for office. All submissions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Shelly and Ms Condiotte and candidates deemed ineligible will be informed within a week of submission of intent;

  4. Only candidates for President and Vice President may select a drop-down position in the event that they lose their election. They may only drop down to positions that they are eligible for, according to grade requirements;

  5. You are eligible to vote if you have attended at least 2 conferences in the 2018-19 school year.

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Platforms and Resumes

Resumes and platforms for ALL positions are available below. Page numbers refer to all positions combined, not that of individual positions.

Supplemental Applications

Supplemental Applications

Supplemental Presentations

Supplemental Presentations