GatorMUN is PV MUN's most widely attended and most exciting conference of our season. We visit Gainesville's premier dining establishment (Krispy Kreme) and partake in medium quality hotel pizza, among other activities. If you are a novice, you must have attended PythonMUN in order to attend GatorMUN.

Registration is open to all members; however, we are capping our delegation size at 80 and will create a waiting list for those who do not meet the cutoff. Prior to registering, please take note of the refund policy and the packing list in order to garner a sense of what our conference drop/refund policies are, and what you need to do to be prepared for this conference.

It is imperative that members attending GatorMUN attend MUN meetings on a weekly basis, particularly when they pertain to the conference.


Dates: January 17th - 19th

Hotel: TBA

Cost: TBA


Registration: November 27th

Payment: December 4th

Forms: January 10th

Position papers: January 12th by 11:59pm


Refund and Drop Policy

All payments received on time may be fully refunded if written notice is made at least 14 days prior to the first conference day or partially refunded if the written notice is made at least 8 days prior to the first conference day. Failure to notify the Logistics Coordinator before the notice period(s) in advance of a conference may result in the inability to refund, as conference fees, hotel rooms, and rental car payments will have already been paid based on your prior commitment. Cancellations made less than 8 days prior to the first day of the conference will not receive refunds. Please plan accordingly and submit payments only if you are committed to going and acknowledge the refund policy.

All drops must be reported to Kris Selberg. He can be contacted here.

Financial Aid

It is our goal that all delegates are able to afford conferences. Conference costs may be partially or fully subsidized. Students must fill out this form and submit it by December 4th.

Committee Requests

ALL novice members must request a dual delegation. Novice members who wish to request crisis must include at least one assembly committee in their request. The dual delegation committees are to be determined. Talk with your potential dual partner prior to requesting so you are both on the same page regarding which committee you wish to be in. If you are requesting a dual delegation, please write it out as Committee Acronym/Region/Name.

You can view all committees available here.


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Chaperones are the reason we are able to go on as many trips as we do and bring as many delegates as we do. Please consider bringing a parent (or two!) to chaperone one of our trips.