Please submit your position papers here. We must receive a copy of them via that submission form. In addition, you must send a copy to your chair. 


KnightMUN at the University of Central Florida is one of our most widely attended conferences of the year, and for good reason. From Steak 'n Shake trips to a perpetually exciting delegate social, from discussing communism in space to the more pertinent War of the Great Heathen Army, this conference is an excellent opportunity to refine your skills or become more familiar with what MUN involves. 

Registration is open to all novice and varsity members. It opens in late September and is highly recommended for new members to attend in order to gain tangible experience prior to attending more competitive conferences. Prior to registering, please take note of the refund policy and the packing list in order to garner a sense of what our conference drop/refund policies are, and what you need to do to be prepared for your first conference of the year.


Dates: October 25th-27th

Hotel: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Orlando East - UCF Area

Cost: $195


Registration: September 18th

Payment: October 9th

Forms: October 9th

Position Papers: October 16th


Refund Policy

All payments received on time may be fully or partially refunded with at least a 8 day notice. Failure to notify the Treasurer or Asst. Treasurer before the 8 day period in advance of a conference may result in the inability to refund, as hotel rooms and rental car payments will have already been paid based off of your prior commitment. Cancellations with less than 8 days to the conference date will not receive refunds. Please plan accordingly and submit payments only if you are committed to going and acknowledge the refund policy.

Financial Aid

It is our goal that all delegates are able to afford conferences. Conference costs may be partially or fully subsidized. Students must fill out this form and submit it by October 9th.


Please review the list of available committees here. Note that if you are a novice member and this is your first conference, you are less likely to receive a crisis committee spot or a position in the Security Council, as there are limited spots available in each of those committees.

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Chaperones are the reason we are able to go on as many trips as we do and bring as many delegates as we do. Please consider bringing a parent (or two!) to chaperone one of our trips.