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Currently we are accepting applicants for NAIMUN. To qualify you must be a varsity member and you must have attended a minimum of three conferences. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances for this requirement please contact Shelly Barber.

Your application must also be submitted by 9/2 by 11:59pm to be considered. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Please note that if you are selected to attend NAIMUN you will be required to participate in GatorMUN. 


Dates: February 14th-17th

Hotel: The Washington Hilton

Cost: TBA


Application Deadline: September 2nd

Payment: TBA

Forms: TBA

Position papers: TBA

Refund Policy

All payments received on time may or may not be refunded on a case by case basis dependent on refund policies of the conference, the airline, and the hotel. Failure to notify the External Vice-President at least two months prior to the conference may result in the inability to refund, as hotel rooms and rental car payments will have already been paid based off of your prior commitment. Please plan accordingly and submit payments only if you are committed to going and acknowledge the refund policy. Submitting a registration form for NAIMUN means that you have no commitments that weekend and fully anticipate you will be able to attend the conference. There are no alternate delegates, so hotel rooms are filled to capacity and are expected to remain as such. Full payment is due several months prior to the conference with the expectation that nothing except completely uncontrollable circumstances will stop attendance at NAIMUN.


Every other year, our team attends a competitive out of state conference. In the past, we have attended NHSMUN in New York City and NAIMUN in Washington, DC, and with great success. This year, we are excited to attend one of the most dynamic competitions on the East Coast.

Attending NAIMUN is a significant time commitment. Aside from attending weekly meetings, attending KnightMUN, PythonMUN (if applicable) and GatorMUN, you are expected to devote your resources to research and training. Meetings specifically dedicated to NAIMUN training will be held on a regular basis, and you will be expected to be a comfortable and expressive speaker, adept at writing position papers, and willing to navigate unmoderated caucuses with forcefulness.

20 spots are available for our delegates to attend NAIMUN. An application will be open to all varsity members who have attended at least three conferences.

Sample Application

Included below are examples of all 3 essay portions of the application from our previous out of state conference.  They should give you a good sense of what is expected in terms of length and clarity.

Financial Aid

It is our goal that all delegates are able to afford conferences. Conference costs may be partially or fully subsidized. Students must fill out this form and submit it by September 12th.

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