Pre-GatorMUN updates

I hope you are all just as excited for GatorMUN as I am! For your convenience, here is the packing list one day early (!!):

1. Official luggage drop off spot: Room 122 of the yellow math building. It should be open around 7am but it might be a little after.

2. Meet at the bus loop at 10am. This is 10 minutes before 3rd period ends, so tell your teachers in the beginning of class that you need to leave 10 minutes early.

3. We will be stopping at the Panera Bread/Five Guys at Stickney Point before we head out to UF. If you don't think you will be hungry at 11am, bring snacks for the bus ride as we won't be eating again until around 5.

4. Peep and for some helpful resources on the formatting of position papers and other resources. If you haven't looked, check it out now to make sure yours is formatted correctly with the correct header and footnotes. It is totally okay to have 11pt font and really small footnotes -- don’t listen to the 12pt requirement.

5. Here are some things you should bring to the conference:
MUN clothes, PV MUN clothes & regular clothes (
Hoodies/sweatshirts/blankets (for the bus/the trek to Krispy Kreme)
Research binder ( overdone but helpful example from someone from Gulf Coast)
Computer (if you can, it is very good)
Bathing suit (it will be cold)
Post its, pens, a legal pad
Nice bag/briefcase or a backpack -- it does not matter which

Money amount: ~$100

6. Weather forecast: low of 54/high of 81 for the weekend overall

7. Bring whatever you think will be fun for Saturday night. We will be together a lot and there will be time to play games or do whatever you’d like.

8. Please print two copies of your position paper -- one for the dias, and one for your personal use and annotation.

9. Also, if you are leaving your car at school over the weekend, please leave your car in the shell lot.

If you have any questions about conference procedure or what we do at GatorMUN/overnight conferences in general, please reach out to any officer. We are so excited to see what you will accomplish at GatorMUN and we are so proud of all of the progress that you have made so far this year. See you on Friday!


Maureen Condiotte