We could not be more proud of how our team did at KnightMUN. We are a force to be reckoned with, and GatorMUN isn't ready for us 😎😎😎


We won 22 individual awards total and Best Large Delegation.


Best Delegate:

Alex Douglas

Allie Odishelidze

Sachit Gali

Shelly Barber

Stefani Wald

Park Dietz


Outstanding Delegate:

Ashley Naidel

Valerik Roumi

Alex Anacki


Honorable Mention:

Narissa Kelliher

Sam Camilli

Zach Bright

Hannah Sticht


Verbal Commendation:

Forrest St. Pierre

Kailin Huang

Luis Flores

Savannah James

Thomas Rudloff

Kemper Bernstein

Riley Board

Slynia Shi

Faith Kern


Maureen Condiotte