Congratulations to all on a successful PythonMUN I️.

I️ (Alex) am so grateful for the guidance, support and expertise provided by all of our staff in making this conference possible. You are a bank of knowledge that will be invaluable in the years to come. To all of our delegates, thank you for working with us, coming prepared, and helping make this possible. PV MUN is energized and trained for the conferences to come, and I know we'll kill it.

Rubrics will be posted tomorrow. Photos will be posted by tomorrow as well. If you have not already, please complete our delegate feedback form here

Best Delegate: Kaysha Kapadia, Alexiya Mikerina, Emily Naidel, Marguerite Andrich
Outstanding Delegate: Daniel Feraco, Dominic Marhoefer, Jaden Wiesinger, Catherine Bricker
Honorable Mention: Matthew Price-Palluel, Brooke Picazio, Julia Kourelakos, Curstin George
Position Paper Award: Nick Schwab, Abrar Mahmud, Lauren Russell, Catherine Bricker

Maureen Condiotte