Important KnightMUN information

Hi everyone!

1) KnightMUN requests are due by 7pm this Friday to $175 and forms are due next Wednesday, 9/27.

2) We need chaperones for KnightMUN. Without more chaperones, we cannot bring the vast majority of our novice members. If your parent is willing to be a chaperone, a) have them read the info at and b) reach out to Riley BY THIS FRIDAY AT 7PM. We will be posting our roster of KnightMUN delegates this Saturday based on Friday's number of chaperones.

3) Novices: the position paper training materials from today are available here. Reach out to Shelly if you need any help at all.

4) Merch fundraiser ends Tuesday! Buy PV MUN merch now before it's too late:

To reiterate: requests due by Friday at 7pm. Chaperone intentions due by Friday at 7pm. Fundraiser ends Saturday. $ and forms due Wednesday.

See you next week!

Maureen Condiotte