3/21 notes

Big things tomorrow: (1) elections, (2) MICSUN permission form due, and (3) $190 for MICSUN due.

1 -- Elections will begin promptly at 1:15 in Mrs. Wilson's room (purple building). We are not starting late, so as soon as you leave class, come to elections.

Information about procedures, candidates, etc are available at https://www.pvmun.com/elections. If you have any questions (especially if you're a candidate) TEXT ME TONIGHT. We won't have time tomorrow to review everything about the procedure, and things have changed significantly from prior years so it's basically a brand new process for everyone.

If you are unable to make it to elections, text me tonight so I can share the ballot with you and you can vote online. It's very easy and quick, and your voice matters. If you are planning on showing up late or leaving early, tell me -- I want to make sure you have the opportunity to vote for every race.

Reminder: you are eligible to vote if you have attended any 2 conferences this year.

2 -- MICSUN permission form is available to print at https://www.pvmun.com/s/permission-form-968x.pdf.

3 -- $190 due tomorrow. If you are requesting financial aid, that form is due tomorrow as well. It's available at https://www.pvmun.com/s/fin-aid-request.pdf.

Maureen Condiotte