GatorMUN committees

Hi everyone! Thank you SO much for your patience in waiting for the GatorMUN committee assignments. We have spent a lot of time looking at your requests and making sure we adhere to them as much as we can in order to have the best GatorMUN experience possible!

We were given a much larger amount of dual delegation committees than expected, and thus had to make a lot of dual dels that were not originally requested. If you have any concerns about the partner you have, please let us know tomorrow-- however, there's not a LOT that we can do since GatorMUN's assembly committees have mostly filled up. We will talk about how to work in a dual delegation leading up to the conference, and if it seems like a foreign experience to you, you'll learn that it's a really good way to train.

Click here to access your GatorMUN assignments. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your committee placement. We are so, so excited to have the biggest and best GatorMUN yet!

Maureen Condiotte